Sustainable Consulting Team

Барбара Filippone – Development Project Manager

Міссісіпі. Filippone is the founder and CEO of EnviroTextiles, LLC of Glenwood Springs, Колорадо. Barbara has spent 37 years in the field studying natural fibers across the globe, creating economic developments in countries that source certain natural fibers. Barbara’s experience has brought her to begin building a multinational economic development based in the US, using locally grown and imported natural fiber. EnviroTextiles currently ships to over 70 countries from their US and China offices. View More


Summer Star Haeske – COO

Summer Star Haeske провів багато років, працюючи разом з «піонером пеньки» в Сполучених Штатах, Г-жа Барбара Filippone (її мама) у всіх областях промисловості пеньки. Вона була важливим елементом у відкритті EnviroTextiles понад одинадцять років тому і допомогу на всіх етапах діяльності компанії, а також розвиток, продаж і імпорт конопель текстилю. Обов'язки Саммер включають підтримку виробництва на EnviroTextiles складі , розробка нових продуктів, продажів & Маркетинг, а також міжнародні та внутрішні транспортні коди і логістики по всьому світу. Summer Star в даний час нагляду за нашу команду продажів в цілому і захоплений маркетингом коноплею для кращих сталого майбутнього. В даний час членом правління ОВЗ (Конопля Асоціація промисловості) вона продовжує інформувати громадськість про продукт навколишнього середовища, здоров'я, і біологічні переваги. View More

Elena YuanQingdao Representative

Elena is our primary representative in China, and works directly with our production facilities to insure quality and manage logistics. Elena has worked with Barbara Filippone since the 90’s and is an integral part of the companies fluid ability to work directly with China.


Ben HendersonDigital Marketing

Ben is an internet marketer and founder of, a digital agency for eco and emerging canna-businesses. Ben has known and worked on and off the Envirotextiles crew since moving to Colorado in 2001. He is an avid guitar player, when he can find the time. He enjoys spending his free time outdoors with his family and loves living in Roaring Fork Valley. Contact


David MahoodLeed AP

David Mahood, LEED® AP, GGP®, is co-principal, Olive Hospitality Consulting and principal of Olive Designs, a commercial furniture manufacturer. He also holds an MBA degree in Sustainability from San Francisco Institute of Architecture. Mahood provides sustainability consulting services to commercial, residential, hospitality, and other furniture and furniture related manufacturing operations. Mahood is an accomplished environmental writer, contributing articles and essays on sustainability and a sought out speaker on topics related to sustainable practices and products. His services also include a comprehensive overview of sustainability to organizations within the home furnishings and other markets. After founding Olive Designs in 1998, Mahood began offering sustainable manufacturing consulting services in 2004 as a result of the quantity of inquiries, requests, and demands of his expertise. His services include all aspects of “green” design development and manufacturing, as well as general sustainability training. He has assisted manufacturers locate sustainable materials, eliminate potential harmful toxic processes, create simpler, more recyclable designs, reduce energy and pre-industrial waste, and create a template for transition to sustainable practices for a major importer of hospitality furnishings. в 2007, Mahood began a short-term consultancy for SENADA/DAI, an Indonesian competitive development organization, to offer Sustainable 101 training to home accessory and home furnishings producers located in Yogyakarta, Індонезія. He provided services including sustainable profiles and action plans for approximately ten pre-selected companies.

Mahood has twenty-eight years of experience in the wood furniture industry, and has gained valuable knowledge of the manufacturing operations of domestic (U.S. based) wood producers prior to the creation of his own company and of Indonesian product suppliers as of 2007 і 2008. It was his intricate knowledge of the furniture industry and his keen interest in resource conservation that led him to the creation of Olive Designs in 1998. Olive Designs was developed to be a manufacturer of “green” lounge seating and tables for the commercial market. Olive Designs became a pilot company of the concept of sustainable commercial seating manufacturing: seeking a balance between resource consumption and manufacturing impact.


Georgia KalivasUniversity Education and Speaking

Georgia is an Associate Adjunct Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and our Director of Education at both the University level and the corporate level. An expert compliancy auditor of accountability, transparency, traceability and fulfillment of environmental, social accountability, health and safety criteria in Fair Trade and in manufacturing and processing as well as a leading authority on meeting state and federal laws and regulations. An advocate of conscious consumerism and fervently against green-washing, fair-washing, and misleading advertising and labeling. She is dedicated to making a positive difference in business, education and community.


Грег Osusky – Composites Engineer

Arriving at engineering by way of off-road racing and vintage aviation, hemp was never a focus. Through ten years working with metals, a new medium came calling. A composites course in grad school signaled the beginning of a new era. A world of opportunity in this technology, lighter, faster and stronger, three words that appeal to any racing or aviation nut. Commissioned to produce prototype wakeboarding products, the concept of using hemp over synthetics fibers crept in. That inert thought manifested into a thesis that lab proved high performance hemp composites were possible, though the material needed to be optimized to compete with synthetic fibers. After graduation, research for a sustainable composite took two major steps forward, the formation of Antithesis Design Works LLC, and a strategic partnership with Envirotextiles. Ms Filippone is currently mentoring him in the field of natural fibers to incorporate into new composite materials. These combined forces operate under one simple philosophy. If you want to change the world for the better, don’t tell people you can, show them that you are. Contact Greg at greg(в)

Cindy BrewerRisk Management

Certified Insurance Counselor; Licensed Property & Casualty insurance agent; Risk Manager for ET. Growing up in West Texas farm & oil country, Cindy is very familiar with the farming process and impacts of the farming as well as the oil industry, not only to the environment but to people’s health as well. Cindy was raised working on her family-owned cotton & peanut farm, and physically worked in the fields removing weeds by hand as well as spraying herbicides. She was an officer of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) in high school, raising, showing, and selling pigs as well as poultry. She went on to study Environmental Science and Geography at both Texas A&M and Texas Tech universities. Cindy’s core passion has been to educate people on alternative, sustainable crops in order to better everyone’s life all the way from a monetary stand-point to a health stand-point. She has resided in Western Colorado since 1997. Her focus is to educate the public and lobby for sustainable crops in the United States, which will create jobs, healthier living, and sustain our wonderful Mother Earth for future generations to come.

Aaron KuhnsBuilding Inspection and Consultation

ADVantage Inspection Services, LLC was created to provide a variety of inspection and consulting services to meet the needs of property buyers, property owners, contractors and design professionals. Our mission is to educate property owners by helping them understand the functions, materials, systems and components that make up their home or commercial building. Advantage Inspection Services, LLC is committed to providing it’s clients with consistent, quality information related to their properties conditions and energy efficiency. We employ the best non-invasive, visual-only inspection techniques to perform the inspection of the subject property. Whenever possible we will design a specific inspection or consulting program to meet your needs.

We maintain a number of Certifications from the International Code Council, the International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), National Radon Certification, and more. As our knowledge and services expand we will continue to acquire and maintain the certifications necessary to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Contact Aaron at advantageis(в)


Mexico Team:

Carlos Perez – General Manager for CSR Program Agave Bath and Home Products