Barbara Fillipone Speaking at IndoExpo2017

Another Great Hemp Speaker Announcement for #INDOEXPO2017

Speaker: Barbara Filippone – Founder and President, Envirotextiles LLC
She has worked in the development of Sustainable Hemp textiles and other natural fiber agricultural waste materials from field to fabric for Over 25 Years making her the top expert in USA for all things hemp growing methods , processing, hemp fiber standards, textiles and hemp fashion. Ms. Filippone has both pioneered and lead the way for hemp fabric and textiles development worldwide and hemp fashion with her company EnviroTextiles in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the largest hemp fabric textile manufacturer for decades. Filippone has trademarked the terms SBP, Sustainable Biodegradable Products, a PIT Product Information Transparency Label. Her interests lie not only in corganic growing practices as well as other sustainably grown agricultural crops that contain untapped fiber resources for the use in both woven and non-woven fabrics and other natural fiber materials for applications in composites. Sustainable: “That which comes from the earth and returns to the earth with little to no need for chemical processing additives” It is an honor to have her as a featured speaker and one of the few original hemp female pioneers & business owner.