Natural Fiber and Composites

If you are looking for fiber or composite materials, please contact our developer, Barbara Filippone, direct at  Please be sure to specify your detailed specs and application needs.  Barbara is a known global expert from field to finished product.  She can advise all application uses for your fiber and composite needs and has been creating custom developments for over 30 years.

The Hemp Composite Kayak

Update: 12/26/2014 – The Antithesis Design Works Generation 2 kayak paddle has come. Designed and built 100% sustainable with hemp composite blades and bamboo shaft. (Original story continues below photos)

Designed and built by Antithesis Design Works, this first generation kayak and paddle offers the weight savings of composites with the toughness of traditional plastic boats. Half the weight of a standard whitewater boat, two thirds of the composite reinforcement is hemp.


Length:        7’

Width:          26”

Weight:        23 Lbs. (Without Seat)

The second generation will utilize hemp textiles exclusively sourced from EnviroTextiles.

If you are looking for fiber composite materials, please contact our engineer, Greg Osusky, direct at Greg is a known researcher and product developer in sustainable composites. He can advise on all applications for your natural fiber composite needs.