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10/26/2016 – Congressman Jared Polis and industrial hemp leaders to discuss the re-authorization of the Federal Farm Bill, Industrial Hemp Farming Act and future federal legislation. See below for video(s).

Speakers: Barbara Filippone, Blaine McFeeley, Duane Sinnings, Michael Bowman, Mara brosy-Wiwchar, Rick Trojan, Morris Beegle, Sean Murphy, Samantha Walsh, Robert Hoban, Congressman Polis.

There were are number of items discussed during this meeting with a social emphasis on The Federal Farm Bill being purposed, grants for Hemp and the equal and fair treatment of Natives and Native Land/Territory in the Federal Farm Bill being purposed.


Interview with Summer Star Haeske at NOCO 2016

Fabric Test Burn – EnviroTextiles warns of EXTREMELY flammable fabric currently imported into the US.  The natural colored sample is a 100% natural fiber blended fabric with no fire retardant or chemical processing.  The dark colored fabric is labeled as 100% polyester and apparently passed stringent fire tests.  Read the full press release on our blog.

Pimp My Ride featured EnviroTextiles on their Earth Day Special by creating the cars interior upholstery from our hemp fabric.  Jump to the 8 minute mark to see our fabric become seats on the episode.  Direct link to video here.

Pimp My Ride 6×04 Kristoffers 1965 Chevrolet… by titeyido

Grand Junction’s CBS affiliate visits with EnviroTextiles to get some updates from the front line on the battle to grow industrial hemp in Colorado:

The Hemp Connoisseur with special guest Summer Star Haske from EnviroTextiles:

Envirotextiles interview with EcoPop TV: