Hemp Harvesting and Processing Equipment

If you are looking for harvesting and processing equipment for hemp or other natural fibers and seeds we can assist you in selecting and purchasing the equipment required.  Below is an example of our Dehulling and Separating machine for hemp seeds.  Will can supply a variety of machines based on your specifications.

Please note, that until you know what variety of hemp you are growing (seed, stalk, or hybrid) we cannot advise you on the proper machinery.  For equipment inquiries please contact our machinery division at machinery@envirotextile.com.   

We offer a complete line of hemp processing machinery including:

  • Hemp Fiber Processing
  • Hemp Hurd Processing
  • Hemp Seed Processing


Functions and Features:
Hemp seed dehulling and separating equipment can be used to dehull, remove shells, and separate kernels from hemp seeds.  Meanwhile the un-hulled seeds will go back to dehullers for re-hulling automatically.

The application of frequency technique in dehullers can adjust the frequency rate according to different hemp seed variety or water content of hemp seed itself. One more key technology is that due to the high oil content of the hemp seeds, the mixture after dehulling inside the chamber of dehullers will stick to the inner wall of the dehullers easily, so an opening is available for cleaning up at any time. We adopted a vibrating respirator for seed-kernels separation that works to reduce the kernels percentage content in seeds for the second round of dehulling, thus the kernels broken rate is reduced accordingly. This equipment features easy operation, a high degree of automation, is safe and reliable, and a beautiful and durable extensive application.


It consists of input hopper, spiral elevator, dehulling & separating unit, pneumatic device for back-flowing materials, respirator, kernels collector, and electric control cabinet.


Technical Parameters:

Power: 6.69kw (380v 3phase 50Hz)
Input capacity: 300-350 kgs/hour (varies with raw materials)
% of shell in the kernels: 2% maximum
% of kernels in shells: 0.5% maximum
% of whole kernels: 98% minimum
Space occupied: 9.0m*2.5m
Operators: 2