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Our Upholstery Weight Collection consists of Nature’s top quality heavy weight upholstery fabrics. Including various weights in Canvas, Herringbone, Twills, Yarn Dyed Twills, Split weaves, Textured Weaves and Eco Denims. These fabrics are commonly used for Accessories, Home Furnishing, Luggage, Tents, Tipi, Yurts, Automotive Interiors, and Sporting Soft Goods.

Sustainable Biodegradable Products® Certifications

The durability of a natural fiber fabric comes from the staple length of the fiber itself that is used to spin the yarns that are weaved into each material. For example: the average staple length of cotton is 1 1/8- 2” whereas the raw Hemp fiber averages anywhere from 8-18”, nearly 10 times longer!  This not only creates the strongest natural fiber quality in a fabric it also eliminates high lint caused from short fibers.

All heavy weight fabrics are very easy to care for. More resilient to punctures, fraying, and tearing, make them ideal for heavy duty product applications such as outdoor uses, dog products, and upholstery.  Hemp is the original heavy duty fabric.