Hemp Decorticator

We provide 3 models of this machine to suit each customers specific needs.This decorticator works well with high capacity, low labor intensity, low cost to have high-quality fiber, which is the preferred machine for fiber processing companies.  This automatic decorticator is suitable for different raw material such as hemp, sisal, jute, banana stems, ramie, etc…

Raw material is sent to the blade drum by the feeding device.  The high-speed spinning blade drum and fixed blades break the raw material and separate the fiber and residue.  The fiber separated from the residue will drop on the conveyor belt for the next process.


Model ZGM-4401 ZGM-4402 ZGM-4403
Outer Diameter of Blade Drum 440mm 440mm 440mm
Motor Power 7.5kw 11kw 7.5kw
Dimensions (mm) 3100x1250x1310 3100x1250x1310 3100x1250x1310
Weight 950kg 1000kg 950kg
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