Summer Star Haeske

Summer Star Haeske

Summer Star Haeske has spent many years working alongside the ‘pioneer of hemp’ in the United States, Ms Barbara Filippone (her mother) in all areas of the hemp industry.  She was an essential ingredient in the opening of EnviroTextiles more than eleven years ago and has assisted in all phases of the company as well as the development, sales and importation of hemp textiles.  Summer’s responsibilities include maintaining production for EnviroTextiles stock , new product development, Sales & Marketing as well as International and Domestic Transport codes and logistics worldwide.  Summer Star is currently supervising our sales team overall and is passionate about marketing hemp for a better sustainable future. As a current board member of HIA (Hemp Industries Association) she continues to educate the public about the product’s environmental, health, and biological advantages.

Some of Summer’s recent efforts include EnviroTextiles’ sponsorship for the “Introduction to Sustainable Business and Design” at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.  She was instrumental in providing hemp materials for former and current US Presidents. Her marketing focus has been directed to mainstream media such as, upholstery fabric for a segment on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” that aired on Earth Day in 123 countries, including the ‘Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno.  Ford’s 2010 F350 received the SEMA car show’s Concept Award for ‘eco-innovation’ that Summer forged ahead with design ideas for the creator.  She has organized and presented innumerable trade shows, special events, contract trade events, and various hemp fashion shows from Aspen to New York City and across the country.

Summer Star Haeske served as Vice President of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) based in San Francisco  and remains an active board member today of 15 years’ service.  Her in-depth knowledge of hemp and natural fibers has positioned her as being a vital part of the management and sales team of EnviroTextiles LLC.  Summer creates simple solutions for community involvement, awareness and outreach. She also assists new businesses with all phases of start up from choosing the appropriate base materials to finished product manufacturing.  Summer’s philosophy as well as her actions demonstrates that it is our social responsibility to create a better future for our planet and to post no limits in fashion or functionality when making the decision to go “green”.

Fashion Institute of Technology in New York

Washington DC Fashion Show

Vermont Fashion Show

Aspen Fashion Show

Denver Fashion Show